The executive is leaving footprints scattered throughout the Solana network.


The executive is leaving footprints scattered throughout the Solana network.

What is BultoyToken ?

BultoyToken is not just another memecoin, it’s a movement that brings together the power of technology and the spirit of the Middle East. Our mission is to create a new era of financial freedom for everyone, regardless of their background or social status.

BULTOYTOKEN is here to change the game. A fun but purposeful meme token built on the SOLANA network with fully experienced marketers and trusted partners on board.

Our objective is clear, to win with us you only have to buy the token and hold until our final phase to get the greatest amount of profits. BULTOYTOKEN is sure to make his entrance with a big bang.


New Technology to create NFTs.

AI Image

AI Image is now the most sophisticated and advanced AI text-to-image generator available. It has a blooming potential in the marketing industry, NFTs generation, and graphic design.

New Technology to ask.


In a nutshell, the technology is commonly known as a “language machine” that uses statistics, reinforcement learning, and supervised learning to index words, phrases, and sentences. While it has no real “intelligence,” it can be very effective at answering questions, writing articles, summarizing information, and more.

  • BulToy AI chat:

    Hello human, I am a GPT3 powered BulToy AI chat bot. Ask me anything!

Bultoy AI Thinking ...

New Technology to earn.

AI Staking

Artificial intelligence in trading is expected to trend this year. AI staking uses robo-advisors which can analyse millions of data points for each cryptocurrency and help us execute trades at the optimal price. These systems also help traders forecast markets and provide higher staking returns.

Rewards and commissions.


Bultoytoken can be used to pay commissions in our swap in order to facilitate the payment of fees and you can make cryptocurrency exchanges with the lowest fees in the market. In addition, all rewards, airdrops and bonuses will be paid with our token.


Phase 1

  • 100 HOLDERS.

Phase 2

  • 500 HOLDERS.

Phase 3

  • 1.000 HOLDERS.

Phase 4

  • 5.000 HOLDERS.

Phase 5

  • 10.000 HOLDERS.

Phase 6

  • 100.000 HOLDERS.


Token: BULTOY TOKEN decimales: 9

Supply: Network: SOLANA.

  • BULTOY AI CHAT: Hello human, I am a GPT3 powered Bultoytoken AI chat bot. Ask me anything!

Bultoy AI thinking ...